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For cutting at all angles

A diamond rocksaw held directly by a standard excavator can only cut effectively in the vertical plane - this is given by the movements of the excavator arm.

There are many occasions where it is desirable to cut in other directions than vertically, for example in demolition of a concrete slab or wall into smaller slabs, or in directions not parallel to the excavator arm such as for trenches across a road. Sometimes limitations of access or safety considerations make it impossible to position the excavator to give the required cutting direction.

Horizontal cutting using the excavator slew for control is possible but not recommended as the control is not fine enough resulting in slow cutting and poor blade life.

Echidna has developed a selection of rail styles for allowing the rocksaw to cut at any angle, including horizontal cutting. The rail is connected to the excavator via a manual or hydraulic rotator or tilt-rotator unit.


Total Lengthm2 - 8
Manual rotationdegrees270
Advance typeguide screw, hydraulically powered
Side Tilthydraulic
Rotationhydraulic or manual
SuitsModels to suit Echidna diamond rocksaws from D1S to D6HP
Hydraulic System Requirements
Guide screwproportional 0 – 10 lpm, 100 bar
Plungeproportional 0 – 4 lpm, 100 bar
Side tiltproportional 0 – 4 lpm, 100 bar
Rotationproportional 0 – 10 lpm, 100 bar
lengthm2 - 8
hydraulic rotating head
hydraulic tilt rotator

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