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D5HP Diamond Rocksaw


For excavators 10 - 30 tonnes


Printer Friendly specification and recommended flow rates
Excavator RangeTonnes12 - 30
Blade Diameter Range*mm600 - 2800
Cutting Depth Loss*****mm190
Continuous Pressure**MPa35
Continuous Flowlpm350
Output Power Continuous****kW370
Spindle Speed Continuousrpm700
Spindle Torque ContinuousNM2952
Automatice Blade Brakeyes
Blade Rotation Reversibleyes
Case Drain Requiredyes

Notes to Specification

(*) other diameters can be also used, but performance will be notably sacrificed
(**) continuous - saw can be used continuously at this rating
(***) mass shown is for machine without blade
(****) Simultaneous application of maximum flow and pressure is not permissable, maximum power must be observed.
(*****) Calculate cutting depth = (Blade diameter/2)-Cutting depth loss

We are continually improving our products. Specification may change without notification. Check with your supplier for the latest specifications.