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Cutting Firewood with 1.8 tonne excavator

Wayne Manton of Dubbo, Australia, purchased a tract of land with an abundance of dry, fallen timber. Very tough, Australian hardwood.

With his 1.8 tonne excavator he decided to convert this wood into a valuable resource, and sell it for good quallity, seasoned firewood. He chose to go down this path to save his back from the pain it would incur from using a chainsaw. Apart from saving his back, Wayne is much safer using an excavator saw than a chainsaw.

The excavator saw cuts 4 -5 times faster than a chainsaw.

Within 1 month of purchasing an Echidna D1S rocksaw, he had cut about 40 tonnes of firewood, with the tungsten-carbide tipped blade still like new.

The advantage of converting a standard machine is that he can still change the blade to a concrete or rock blade, and use his excavator for whatever work comes his way.

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